Goal setting

February goals

One of the things I am making happen this year, is setting goals. I have always liked the idea of a new year, new month, new day even. It’s a clean slate. A fresh start. And I know, there is nothing magical about January 1st (as Lara Casey puts it) – because every day is a good day to start something or do something you have always wanted to do – but that is when I decided to set monthly goals this year. I have seen the monthly goal setting on several blogs that I follow and I think it is something that will work for me, too. It is not as intimidating as and more tangible than yearly goals, even though most of my monthly goals work toward my yearly goals. Like drinking more water, reading more books, visit my family more often, take some family vacations etc… But since I like things organised, to have a to-do list on my fridge that I can cross off, having a monthly list of goals is something I can actually accomplish. I hope so, anyways.

So, here are my goals for the month of February:

  • eat no added sugar
  • take picture for photo project (February word: cozy)
  • write blog post about said project
  • analyse spending and set budget
  • read a few pages every day
  • set dates for family vacations
  • book March trip
  • have two date nights
  • go to the Black Forest twice
  • call Grandparents once a week
  • drink 1.5l of water each day

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