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I see, you see. | Photo project 2015

I love taking photos. I take tons of photos with my iPhone! It’s easy, quick, convenient. I love Instagram and I wouldn’t want to miss any of it. But there is something about taking photos with the „big“ camera, my DSLR. I put more thought in it, I can play with settings, put things in or out of focus. I actually load them onto my laptop (which I should do way more often with my iPhone pictures). I take lots of photos when we take a vacation or when there is a special event going on. But in everyday life, I often forget to take my camera along or I don’t know what to take photos of. So, in order to change that, I started a photo project with two dear friends of mine who also love photography. We made a list with 12 adjectives – one for each month. Other than that „word of the month“ there are no rules. At the end of each month we share our photos with each other. I’m excited to see how different (or maybe similar) we see the world!

Januar (2 von 5)

The word for January was „new“. See my photo above – it was a new day with lots of fresh new snow! (Taken out of our bathroom window.)

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