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I see, you see. | February photo

It seems like I just posted my March goals and we’re already halfway into March. How did that happen?! At least it has been a good month so far and I already crossed off a couple things on this month’s goal list. I finally met my dear friend’s baby! Who really isn’t a baby anymore, he’ll be six months old a week from now. Wow! But it was great to see my friend and that new little family of hers. And we celebrated my Grandpa who turned 91(!) yesterday! It is always so much fun to see him with his great-granddaughter. It is amazing how such a little person can bring so much joy! I hope she always stays the joyful, funny and determined girl that she is.

But now, back to the photo project I told you about here. February’s word was „cozy“ and I had so many ideas and took so many different photos. In the end, I picked this one. My arm was about to fall off taking the photo and it was pretty difficult to focus, but it still turned out to be my favorite.

Cozy (5)

If you’d like to see what my friend Christine came up with this month, you can check out her cozy photo on her blog.

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