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I see, you see. | March photo

Homemade. That was the word of the month March. So, I knew I wanted to bake something, since I love to bake. Sounds like an easy enough task you might think. But sometimes the seemingly easy tasks turn out to be the toughest. Maybe because you want it to be perfect. Maybe because there are too many options when it comes to food, or baking. A cake? A tarte? Cake Pops? Fruit or chocolate? Sprinkles? Well, I knew I wanted to try a new recipe. So I browsed in my favorite baking books and found this rhubarb tarte that looked SO pretty! The decision was made and I was ready. But.

First problem: I could not find a long tarte dish ANYwhere! And there was no time to order online, since I was going to give it to my friend for her birthday along with the cutting board you see in the picture. And it was almost April 😉 Okay, so round it was going to be.

Second problem: Why was my rhubarb not that pretty pink color that it is in Fräulein Klein’s photo?! Oh well, it was too late to buy new rhubarb… Maybe it would turn pink in the oven??

Third problem: Once the tarte was baked, the rhubarb was still pale and far from pink and it was too late (or better: too dark) to take the picture. So, I had to do that in the morning before heading out to the birthday brunch. In like two minutes with a one-year-old pulling my leg.

Considering the circumstances, I’m okay with the result. And it tasted pretty good, too. I’ll bake it again once I have my long tarte dish and pink rhubarb 😉


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