In with the old…

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This old beauty just moved in with us. We used to have a little table with two stools in our pretty small kitchen. But ever since Kathleen was born, we never really used it anymore. Not as a table anyways. It became more and more a place to put stuff. You know, bags, mail, flyers… It began to bother me and I thought it would be better to have something there with more storage room, yet small enough to fit in our kitchen. I wasn’t really looking hard, but when I saw this piece of furniture in a little shop during one of my recent trips to the Black Forest, I thought, this is it. Not too big, but still a lot of shelves to put my favorite cups, pots, some cake stands, bread box and more.

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It sure has a few dents and marks, you can tell it had a life before it moved in with us, but I like that. I might give it a fresh coat of paint later on, maybe even something colorful, like mint or peach! But for now, I like it white. What do you think?

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