Goal setting

April goals

So far, I really like the monthly goal setting. Even though it feels like March went by really fast, I still feel like I’ve accomplished things. And not only that, but I actually SEE it, when I look back at my March goals. It’s rewarding to know that everything on that list, except for scheduling a dentist’s appointment (ugh) is checked off. And most of it was fun, too. I took Kathleen to the Black Forest to see friends and family, we decided on a destination for our family vacation (Croatia!) and I also squeezed in a weekend trip to Bonn which was really nice. And we had playground dates whenever the weather was nice 🙂 Now here is to a hopefully sunny April! This is on my list for this month:

  • get guest room ready for my mom-in-law who will visit later this month
  • get office stuff organized and put away
  • attend a photography workshop (really excited about this one!)
  • clean terrace and balcony and get them ready for spring
  • frame and hang our new Wiesbaden print
  • finish the book I’m currently reading and start a new one
  • book flights and accomodation for our Croatia trip (recommendations are welcome!)
  • celebrate Easter and my brother’s birthday with family
  • get E-Bike ready and buy kid’s seat
  • deep-clean fridge

So, happy Easter everyone!

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